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January 13, 2010

A short review of The First 90 Days, by Michael Watkins

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Cover of the First 90 Days

Cover of the First 90 Days

Let’s face it, Peter was right. Most people DO rise to their level of incompetence and that includes YOU! Whether you’ve been recently promoted to you first managerial position, or you’ve finally snagged the big corner office, reading and applying Michael Watkins’ The First 90 Days will help you maintain forward momentum.

                According to Watkins, it’s a rare organization that takes the time to assist their new managers in their transition from underling to BOSS. That’s why this book should be so valuable to the newly promoted. Most companies are going to put the onus of transition on you; after all, they hired you because of your tremendous talents, right? Shouldn’t you be more than capable of figuring out your new role in the organization?

                According to The First 90 Days, no one is really prepared for his or her promotion. No matter how talented you may be, you will still go through a learning period in which you are not up to the challenges you face. However, by applying the systematic approach Watkins outlines, you can reach what he calls the “Breakeven point” within your first 90 days. Is this true? I don’t know. Read the book, get promoted, follow the system, and you tell me!

                Seriously, though, as a person that has been promoted to new positions for which I was ill prepared, I do believe that the plans provided for acclimating yourself to your new job are invaluable. Just as you should spend the first few hours of flying lessons on the ground, you should also take the time to prepare for a new position before you’re faced with all of the new responsibilities that will be thrust upon you. Watkins does an excellent job of presenting a plan that will help you learn your job quickly and minimize your chance of running into the mountains over which you will be asked to fly.

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